GCE Foundation - Research on Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular diseases
                      GCE Foundation - Research on Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular diseases



  • What is the mission of GCE Foundation  ?

GCE Foundation has mission of helping the best researchers from around the world who are working on projects, researches, new discoveries and potential medical treatments related to chronic diseases (ex: Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Cholesterol, Cardiovascular). We also want to improve the lives of families and the lives of all people who suffering of type 2 diabetes. Therefore the strategic goals of the organization are to help the patients and to help researchers who are working on promising research to find medical treatments to certain chronic diseases through scientific research. Due to his expertise in the Global markets, the Foundation can also help the researchers to negotiate and or to establish long-term collaboration with some Pharma Companies who shares the same vision and values.


We are pround in participating in our own way for a better and healthier World.

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  • Can I make a donation online ?

Yes. You can make a donation online to contribute to support the research on type 2 diabetes by visiting the donation page . The online donation software is safe and secure (Paypal). You can also see more information below on this page about the online donation software and the security.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding a donation or a collaboration with our organization. 


  • Can I become a volunteer for the organization ?

Yes. Volunteering is a great way to help a cause and to support an organization. It can also be an opportunity to meet new people and learn more about a specific cause or disease. There are different ways you can volunteer in your local community. Please contact us at volunteer@gcefoundation.org if you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities and to support our core work in marketing, fundraising, communications and project development. 


  • How is your spending effective?

We will honour your generous contribution by ensuring it is spent effectively to create meaningful change in regards of Type 2 Diabetes or other chronic diseases. The donations help the families who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and support research, qualified researchers and promising discoveries.

About Diabetes: The goal is simple and straightforward : to find a medical treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. This chronic disease is affecting more than 380 Million people worldwide and this number is unfortunately growing every year.


We treat our main donors as important partners and collaborators and we keep them informed every year about the impact they are making and how the research are progressing.


  • What happen if the Donation exceed the need of the Foundation ?

The financing and support of science and medical research to find a cure for Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic conditions can be expensive and the amount of money available is lower than the actual needs. However, in case where donations would exceed what is needed to help the present research, GCE Foundation will redirect funds to similar projects, to other researchers and to help patients & families who are suffering of type 2 diabetes or from other chronic conditions.


In all cases, we commit that all donations will be used to achieve the highest impact possible.


  • What types of Diabetes research GCE Foundation supports and how are GCE Foundation's funds allocated ? 

GCE foundation specialized in one main type of Research and as described below. GCE foundation also provides a direct financial support to promising research and researchers in regards of Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic diseases (Obesity, Cholesterol, Cardiovascular, etc.).


Basic biomedical research

In this category, Research involves studying molecules, cells and tissues to find out, at the microscopic level, how our bodies work in health and disease. Generally, this type of research takes many years before it impacts patients. This type of research is done by people who have a PhD and who have done extra training after their PhD in science.


This type of research can eventually lead to Clinical research (involves studying people and patients, and taking that information and turning into treatments, diagnostic tests and cures. Generally, this type of research takes five to 15 years before it impacts patients. This type of research is done by scientists).


Direct financial support and assistance

In this category and which is at the base of the Mission of the Organization, we want to help and support research and qualified researchers in order for them to have the right tools and equipement and in order for them to become leaders when it comes to finding a cure to certain disease (Type 2 Diabetes).


Intellectual Property and Discoveries (R&D)

Too often, we see that researchers don't have enough knowledge or don't receive enough support for their Intellectual Property (IP) and Discoveries when they are approached by certain Companies in the Healthcare sector and for a potential deal or collaboration. Therefore, the Foundation can also provide assistance and consulting services to researchers regarding the preparation of a meeting and or the calculation of potential new drug or treatment and when they are about to discuss a potential collaboration with Pharma Companies.


  • How is your organization different from other Diabetes nonprofit organization ?

Our organization is specific to type 2 diabetes and Chronic deisease and has an vision and mission that is international. Our organization also has access to qualified researchers and to some of the most promising research in regards of type 2 diabetes.  Our organization also focus on supporting research who are using specific bioactive compounds that might eventually lead to a medical treatment for diabetes but also to other disease such as obesity and cardiovascular. GCE Foundation also believe in venture philanthropy in order to bring the best results and in order to help the researchers to a find medical treatment for people affected by a chronic condition such as type 2 diabetes. 

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  • What research GCE Foundation is currently supporting  ?

GCE Foundation is presently focusing on a research and project that is led by an excellent, hard working and passionate scientist from Asia who have worked and studied in Laboratories in Canada, Vietnam and Japan. Research are showing for a long time that certain bacterias and plants could be used to treat many diseases and especially Diabetes and obesity.  It is a really complex process but the research results we support are positive and encouraging towards a real and potential medical treatment for Type 2 Diabetes using as an example toxins from snake venom. Snake venom contains a huge variety of lethal molecules called toxins which, due to the way they work, make useful targets for new drugs. Because toxins are harmful, drug developers have to modify them to retain their potency and make them safe for drug use. Other bacterias and bioactive compounds are also of interest concerning the research on diabetes of type 2 and obesity.


click here to have more information about the Diabetes and the Research.


  • How can I apply to receive financial support and or assistance from GCE  ? 

If you are presently working on a research on Type 2 Diabetes, please contact us with a summary of your project and the detail about the financial needs and we will contact you back to discuss further. For more information about our Guidelines and Grant application click here.


Please note that we receive many requests but only few projects, researches and researchers are selected in order to receive financial support and assistance. However, we hope that we will be able to help as much people as possible in the near future with the donations and contributions received.


  • Are you able to keep low administration costs ?

Yes. GCE Foundation works diligently with a consulting group in Canada to ensure that donations are used effectively and efficiently. We want as much of our funding and all the donations we receive to support researchers that are working on Type 2 Diabetes projects and research. The organization have a specific charity fund/bank acount who is dedicated to help and support the research on Type 2 Diabetes and also on other diseases such as Cardiovascular, Obesity, Cholesterol, etc. 


We are able to keep our administrative rate as low as possible by using different ways:

We don't do:

- GCE don’t do direct direct mail campaigns or costly events and activities to solicit new donors.

- GCE Foundation is using offices that are usually offered for free from GCE Group, partners, sponsors and donors from around the world.

- We don’t hire high priced fundraising consultants, accountants and or other professionals that are not essential for the activity of the organization because we always want the researchers to receive the most of every donation and contribution received.

- We don’t produce or pay for television commercials or pay TV networks to air our programming to solicit donations or to offer available Grants.


We do:

-Our team is working together for the dividend they receive in creating a better world.

- GCE Foundation work with researchers and experts on the ground to help our programs and support the researchers to be as successful as possible. 

- We believe in the positive social and environmental impact a Foundation can make.

- GCE Foundation's profit is donated for the Research and to the Researchers that are carefully selected and a small part is reinvested to grow the organization and ensure its sustainability for the cause of Diabetes around the World. 

- The vast majority of the fundraising is done by word to mouth and we rely on incredible partners, supporters and collaborators. 

- We are grateful to be so well surrounded and having a chance to help the best Researchers in their work and people who are affected by Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic diseases.


  • Does GCE have a good background ?

Auditors have never found concerns of any kind in our processes of financial accountability and transparency. We are very proud of this. 


  • What are the factors why GCE Foundation decided to operate via a non-profit Organization/Corporation:

- We want to make the decisions on grants and on Research we support.

- We want to have the flexibility to experiment and "try new approaches".

- We want to work in collaboration with other funders and charitable organization.

- We want to work with and have closer and direct interaction with the researchers we support.

- We want to focus on measurable results.

- We want to be able to fund a project on a multi-year basis (up to 7 years).

- We want to support type 2 diabetes research either locally, nationally or internationally.


  • Does GCE Foundation attend to seminars or conferences on Diabetes ?

Yes. GCE Foundation have a member who will travel by itself or sometimes with the help of a translator to attend meetings, conferences and other potential opportunities around the world about medical & health and especially when it's related to Diabetes. We may also invite some researchers to travel and attend conferences and in order to help them progress in their research and to meet other scientists working in the same field of research. We also like to meet with professors, scientists and researchers from different countries to learn more about themshelves and to know more about the needs they may have to achieve the best results for their team and research.


  • Is GCE Foundation able to issue receipts to Donors for income tax purposes ?

No. A non-profit organization in Canada cannot issue tax deductible receipt simply because it is considered as a corporation.


  • What is the Confidentiality Policy of GCE Foundation ?

Diabetes research is a competitive field and GCE Foundation understands that privacy is very important to most of our visitors, donors and to the researchers we help and support. We are committed to protecting their information and will handle this with respect and courtesy. Personal information includes any information about an identifiable individual, company or organization and GCE Foundation will take care to ensure that this information is protected.


  • What is the structure of GCE Foundation ?

GCE Foundation is a nonprofit organization. GCE Foundation's donations and international contributions are managed by a specialized consulting group in Canada and with a specific diabetes fund to ensure that the money received is all and well allocated to support the mission of the organization and to help the best researchers and the best research related to chronic diseases and that will hopefully and eventually lead in finding a medical treatment for Diabetes and other chronic diseases.


  • Is it safe to make a Donation using Paypal  ?

Yes. Using Paypal for a Donation is one of the safest way to give a donation online. It is also free, easy and secure.  PayPal will cover all transaction fees so 100% of your Donation will reach the Foundation. PayPal is a universally recognized Internet payment merchant with a solid reputation of being secure and easy to use. It is by far the largest of its kind, and is available in more than 100 countries/regions and used by more 100 million accountholders worldwide. 


PayPal Donations is a simple solution enabling nonprofit organizations to collect donations from their web sites. It is an ideal solution for a Charity or a Foundation like GCE Foundation who wants to keep their costs low and don't need a full-time technology staff. PayPal takes all the headaches out of making sure the donors (supporters) enjoy a safe and secure donation experience. All contact and credit card information is entered on PayPal's secure website directly. Supporters can donate using a credit card from VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Supporters don't need to have a PayPal account to donate but if they do they can also donate from their PayPal account or transfer from their bank account.


Your information is held securely by the online giving software. The information you provide will remain private and will never be given to third parties, other than to process your contributions. 


Online Giving software 

At GCE Foundation, we accept online donation via the Paypal platform and we also use an online giving software called GivingFuel which is linked with Paypal. Their system allows us to provide access to your contribution records and allows people to make secure donations online from around the World. The software provides data security using the latest security technology. The following statement is from their security documentation: “Our software is protected by a Verisign256 bit SSL security encryption – the same level encryption used by major banks. All transactions are processed, transmitted and store securely on a PCI Compliant network where all your data is securely encrypted several times within our secure data center located in USA. Our server and software bundles are equipped with industry-leading techniques to detect, block and diffuse attempts by spammers, hackers and bots to interfere with our system.” 


  • Do you accept donations by check and other payment methods ?

Yes. We accept Donations by check, by e-transfer, wire transfer and we can also accept Donations in other currency than US or Canadian dollars directly into our dedicated charitable research fund and bank account in Canada. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you prefer to make a donation in person, by phone, by check or with other payment methods that would suits you best and a staff member will be there to help you.


  • How can I contact GCE Foundation ?

You can contact us by email, by phone or by using our online contact form.

Our main office is located in Canada.

Email: info@gcefoundation.org

Phone: (1)312-42-TYPE2 or(1)641-715-3900/605084#


  • Where is the office located ?

We have 4 satellite offices :

Canada: 1000 De la Gauchetiere W, Montreal, Canada.

USA: 155 North Wacker Dr., Chicago, IL, USA.

Europe: Rue du Rhone 14, Geneva, Switzerland.

Asia: PSA Building 460 Alexandra Road, Singapore.


*By appointment only - contact us


  • I received a communication or I found your website via another domain name, is it the same organization ?

The official website of the foundation is www.gcefoundation.org but the admin team might also use gcefoundation.com for certain communication. 

Our organization is international and owns other domain names related to diabetes.


Please note that communications to GCE Foundation (grants, answers to questions, donations, etc) will be received via our online contact form.


  • Is it possible that other Foundations or Companies are using the name GCE Foundation ?

Yes, this is unfortunately possible but we ask our visitors, donors, collaborators, etc to be vigilant and to inform us if they see a Company or organization that are using our name and or the cause we support to send spam emails or collect fraudulent donations so we can act on it with our legal team if needed. 


  • Is GCE Foundation related to the Foundation of Bill & Melinda Gates (Grand Challenges Exploration - GCE ) ?

No. The Foundation of Mr. and Mrs Gates have a program called Grand Challenges Exploration (GCE) but our organization is not involved and or related with the Foundation of Mr. Bill Gates family. However, we highly admire and respect their work and the positive impact their Foundation have on the World and for a better Global futur.


GCE is also looking to contribute in his own way to a better and healthier world.


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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