GCE Foundation - Research on Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular diseases
                      GCE Foundation - Research on Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular diseases

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GCE Foundation provide support and financial assistance for diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular research that accelerates the transition of scientific discoveries into practical treatments.

Type 2 Diabetes Research

Type 2 Diabetes affects more than 380 million people worldwide. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease that usually occurs when the human body is not able to produce enough insulin. 


We accept donations from individuals, groups and companies for the advancement of research activities and special projects related to Type 2 Diabetes and other Chronic diseases. Thank you!

Welcome to GCE Foundation 


GCE Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides funding, negotiation knowledge, support and financial assistance for promising and innovative research related to Diabetes, Obesity, Cholesterol and Cardiovascular diseases. Our mission is to find and help brilliant scientists and researchers who are working on promising researches by providing them with the freedom, autonomy, and financial and professional resources to support them on the road to their Health and Medical discoveries. GCE Foundation is also there to inform and educate the general public, diabetics and pre diabetics about this chronic condition and its prevention and provide accurate and practical information on the treatment and on the self-management of type 2 Diabetes. 


We are currently supporting research on products that can inhibit the progression and prevent
the development of type 2 diabetes. One of the the main goal of the organization is to help the research and the researchers to find a medical treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. The main researcher is specialized in bacterias and bioactive compounds such as plants and snake venom because of their high potency to cure many diseases and especially to support for the treatment of diabetes. 


At GCE Foundation, the people we help and support always comes first, and we constantly strive to bring them the best financial assistance in their projects so they can be more free to work, create and surround themselves with the right people and in order to bring the best results. We have the dream that one day we will help for the creation of a private research labatory that will be dedicated on Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic disease and who will welcome the best research and researchers from around the World around a common goal: finding the best medical treatment for chronic diseases that affects people in different Countries. 


If you want to know more about our international organization please visit our about us page on the top menu. Your donations are always appreciated and are bringing hope to patients and families who are suffering from Chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and support excellent and passionate researchers to create a healthier World.



GCE Foundation


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