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GCE Foundation is an international nonprofit organization who was founded on the idea of helping those in need and of contributing to a better and healthier world. We are a Global Fund for type 2 diabetes and we are always applying the highest ethical and professional standards in what we do. The organization has the mission to provide accurate and practical information to the general public, diabetics and pre diabetics about the disease, its prevention and self-management and to provide support and financial assistance to research and to researchers who are working at finding the best medical treatment for the Type 2 Diabetes. 


GCE Foundation provide a financial support to highly qualified researchers and to innovative & promising research around the world in order to help and to give hope to the people who are living with this chronic disease. We guarantee to our visitors and donors that all the funds, gifts and the donations received at the GCE Foundation are going directly to support the mission of our organization and to support active research and researchers who are passionate and confident about their work on type 2 diabetes.


Hopefully, researchers and scientists that we are supporting through our organization will eventually be able to find a a cost-effective and efficient treatment for people who are suffering of Type 2 Diabetes. Please visit the diabetes page to learn more about the disease and the current research that we are supporting.


Thank you for your help and interest.


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